Cantrell Property Group started with a simple question. “If I was selling or buying a home, how would I want to be treated?” The answers that followed, and continue to evolve today, form the driving force and operating principles of Cantrell Property Group.

Julie Cantrell, owner and founder of Cantrell Property Group understands a home – whether you are buying or selling – is one of life’s most important financial decisions. Likewise, choosing the real estate professional to assist you in the process is significant.

What do you want?

Someone with an innate knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to objectively assess a home’s value and potential is critical. But that is not enough. It is just as important that your real estate professional understands how to transform that information into marketing and pricing strategies to secure maximum market visibility.

You want someone who gets the job done.

Cantrell Property Group brings more than expertise to the home buying process, Julie delivers accepted offers.

It is not just about getting the job done. It is also about how the job gets done.

Fueling Cantrell Property Group’s success and growth is a steadfast commitment to communication, transparency and customer service. Julie refuses to apply a cookie-cutter approach to the buying and selling process because she knows each sale is as unique as are the buyers and sellers behind it. Straight talk, honest discussion and individualized attention are the hallmarks of the Cantrell Property Group experience – an experience that makes each buyer or seller feel at home every step of the way.